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4Ever Body - Melt by Megan Ahn



Self-Care is PersonalI hit that awful place where I was exhausted from the pain my body was feeling and I could not find a solution. The chronic pain had me reaching for Advil and not sleeping well. Some mornings I crawled out of bed and into a shower in hopes that it would relieve some of my pain and stiffness. My passion for all things active like: biking, stand up paddle boarding surfing, and yoga were taking a toll on my body.  Normal day-to-day repetitive movements and a previous knee surgery were further complicating my desire to stay fit, active and pain free.  I was scared, tired and frustrated. 

Fortunately, my sister sent me a MELT Hand & Foot Kit. Truthfully, the kit sat on a shelf for a while.  Once I opened it, began "melting" and discovered it worked, I was hooked.


Personally, I really appreciate being able to MELT at home any time. I'm also grateful for the plentiful resources with access to Melt products including DVDs, books, the app “MELT on Demand” and local classes taught by certified Melt Method instructors. Best of all, MELT products are latex free and the soft foam roller are designed to avoid causing pain when performing the gentle compression techniques.


I am happy to share that I no longer live with chronic pain or avoid doing the activities I love.  My personal experience combined with meeting so many others with similar MELT success stories motivated me to become a MELT Certified Instructor and create 4EverBody to teach others how to unleash the power of The MELT Method®.

Megan Ahn

  • Certified MELT Instructor: Levels 1,2,3, and Hand & Feet

  • Certified MELT Pilates Instructor

  • Certified BASI Pilates Mat Instructor

  • 2020 Completed a 20-Hour Human Dissection Lab: Anatomy and Fascia: Breath, Movement & Yoga. Taught by Leslie Kaminof and Laurice D. Nemetz.

Dayle Norwood


Do you enjoy being active?  Maybe swimming, yoga, or golf is your favorite exercise.  I personally love to dance. Have you ever had to stop playing before you wanted to because you felt a twinge in your knee or low back?  Or maybe you ignored the twinge and played on, only to regret it later.


Living with on-going pain can drain you emotionally, physically and mentally.  I know, I spent over 25 years living with chronic upper body and back pain due to work injuries.  I tried all kinds of exercise and therapies, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage etc. While all these therapies were useful; they did not give me long term relief. One doctor actually told me that pain is “just an inevitable part of aging”.

I was feeling frustrated and hopeless when a friend suggested trying the MELT Method®. She explained how MELT is a missing link to pain-free living.  I felt hopeful and took a MELT instructor training.  Two weeks after completing the training, I was in dance class and realized no matter how I moved, nothing hurt! Now I am more relaxed, at ease, stable and flexible.


The more I MELT, the more I get a continual release - it is the opposite of aging!  After this transformative experience I knew I wanted to teach others this profound, self-care treatment. With energy and compassion, I look forward to sharing MELT with you. 

Dayle Norwood

Certified MELT Method® Instructor since 2014


4EverBody donates 5% of all purchase made through our site to

4EverBody donates 5% of all purchase made through our site to
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